Suspender button placement

By now, you've seen many style options for clip-on and button-on styles. You've decided you'd like to wear Button-On Suspenders - either for everyday casual or business wear or for a special occasion. Now all you need to do is make sure your pants have buttons on them for the suspenders to attach to. You can do a quick check of all of the pants you intend to wear with your button-on suspenders. Generally, having one or more pairs of trousers with suspender buttons included saves you the trouble of adding buttons.

However, it's likely you have pants without buttons, and this means you must add them before enjoying your suspenders.

If this seems a bit daunting, read on and we'll tell you exactly what you need to know about how to sew buttons on pants for suspenders correctly! First things first - make sure the pants you intend to wear the suspenders with don't already have buttons sewn in them!

Assuming they do not, decide which method of getting suspender buttons on your pants you prefer:. Obviously, taking your trousers to a tailor is the easiest way to go. Any tailor will know the correct placement and techniques for adding suspender buttons to your pants. If you are buying your trousers un-hemmed from a store with an in-house tailor, then you can simply have them add the buttons when they are hemming your pants.

Take a look at what you need to do suspenders button placement successfully. If you are planning to use the needle and thread approach, you will need the following supplies:. Before we get started with more specific instructions, one big picture question to answer is whether the buttons should be sewn on the inside or outside of the pants. In the old days, suspender buttons were sewn on the outside of the pants.

And while you may occasionally still see this approach today, the more accepted current approach is to sew the buttons on the inside. Although no one knows for sure why this has changed, one theory is that in the past when people wore a suit with suspenders and vest, the vests were commonly worn on top of the suspenders and the buttons were therefore not visible.

When the vests disappeared, in most cases, the buttons moved to the inside of the pants. Basically, having suspender buttons inside or outside is a personal choice, but most people place them inside. There are several methods for determining where to place the buttons on the front of the pants.

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The first is the traditional "by the book" method. The second is a more personalized approach we often recommend, which may better accommodate body differences and personal preferences.

How To Sew Suspender Buttons On Pants: A Complete Guide To Adding Braces Buttons To Your Trousers

Choose the method you think will work best for you. Method 1: Lay the pants on a flat surface. The suspenders will attach to four buttons two on the left and two on the right via a "moustache" or "rabbit ear", which is simply a strip of leather or fabric with a buttonhole on either end.

If the pants are pleated, the foremost button on each side should be placed on the inside waistband of the pants, directly above the pleat and about one inch down from the top. If the pants are not pleated, the buttons should go at the same place directly over the crease. Mark the spot the first button will go on each side with the chalk. Then take your tape measure or ruler and mark the spot the second button on each side should go. Method 2: Since everybody is different, this method allows you to determine exactly where the suspenders will look best on you.

If following this approach, simply lay the suspenders over your shoulders and hold them over your torso while looking into a mirror. Adjust their position until you get exactly the look and position that you want and mark those spots. Check to be sure that they are both an equal distance from the centerline of the pants.

Now turn your attention to the back of the pants. Since button-on suspenders typically come in a Y-back construction, you will be sewing on two buttons for a single attachment point in the center of your back. This should also be about one inch down from the top of the waistband.

We recommend double-threading the needle to make the job quicker. To do so, simply pull the thread through the needle until there is an equal length of thread on both sides, and then tie a knot at the end.They're affordable, easy-to-wear and a fun addition to your wardrobe. Whether you want to look sharp at an upcoming wedding, stand out at a formal event, add some flair to your work attire or spice up your casual clothing, suspenders provide you with a colorful and versatile solution for almost any occasion life chooses to send your way.

But confusion still reigns, notably: Which types of suspenders are appropriate for which occasions? Which colors go with which? Is there a particular width that is correct? Should I choose the clip-on kind or button-on? Can I wear a belt with my suspenders? How do I wear colored suspenders without looking like a clown?

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This guide will answer all those questions. Plus some you perhaps didn't know you had. Clip-ons can be attached to almost any trouser or pant, so they are the more versatile of the two. Plus, they are considered a tad more casual and look especially snazzy with city-shorts, funky jeans and fashion-forward attire.

To attach them to whatever you're wearing on your bottom half, start in the back by clipping them in the middle of the waistband. Then pull them over your shoulders to the front to attach the remaining clips to the front-waistband. Suspenders that button on are considered a tad more formal than clip-ons.

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They also require trousers or jeans that have six buttons hidden along the inside of the waistband for the suspender's loops to button onto. If your pants don't come with suspender buttons, you can always add them, either yourself if you're handy, or have your tailor take care of it.

They should be placed so that on the backside of the waistband, they are located about 1" either side of the center-back seam - meaning they're 2" apart - and 1" or so below the top of the waistband. In front, hide them inside the waistband about 1" down from the top and 2" apart. When you have them on, your suspenders should fall in a straight line down from your shoulder to your waist. To put button-on suspenders on your trousers, start in the back.

Once you've buttoned them on, put your trousers on, pull the suspenders over your shoulders and button them in place in the front. While subtle changes can dramatically impact your entire look, the easiest rule-of -thumb to remember that suspender style happens on a scale: the skinnier the suspender, the more casual the look, while at the wider end of the spectrum, they become classic and even formal.

When suspenders cross in back like the letter "X", they are known as X-back.

How to Wear Suspenders - Style Guide

If, instead, they join around the mid-back and become a single strap, like a "Y", then they are called Y-back. Of the two, Y-back are considered the more up-to-date and on-trend. While X-back do have two straps that attach to the back-waistband - compared to a Y-back's single strap - unless you face unusual issues with keeping your pants up or have severely sloping shoulders, the Y-back is the top choice of suspender aficionados.

One of the truly cool things about suspenders is how easy it is to customize the fit to your particular proportions. If the suspenders are leather, the front strap can be loosened or tightened just like a belt: via a buckle and holes. All other suspenders have a metal clip on the front straps that you simply slide up and down until you hit the exact right length for your frame. Before World War II, the waistline of your typical men's trousers was much higher than is common today, hitting right at the wearer's actual waist.

To keep their pants up, guys wore suspenders. However, due to wartime rations, manufacturers found they could save fabric and therefore money by lowering pant waistlines. At the same time, belts began replacing suspenders as a way of keeping one's pants from falling down - which is why it's considered quite the style faux-pas to wear a belt and a suspender at the same time.

As they both do the same thing, it's kind of a function overload, plus it doesn't look right. So remember the cardinal rule of savvy suspender-wearing: regardless of the type of suspender, don't wear a belt at the same time.Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Mar 6, 1. Messages: 1, I recently bought a couple pair of trousers from J.

Peterman that have buttons and am really liking wearing suspenders. I'm looking to add buttons to perhaps a half dozen more of my pants and want to do it right, as I plan to buy a couple or three pair of Albert Thurston braces. I've done a pretty thorough search here at the lounge on suspender button placement, but all the info concerns the 'inside vs. I'm more interested in knowing where exactly to place the buttons laterally. I'm assuming the button placement should relate to the pleats, and can probably figure it out by trial and error, but would be curious to know if there is a template or standard button placement that I haven't found yet.

Thanks in advance for any info, Carl. Mar 6, 2. Messages: Distance would be Back buttons: " apart. For formal dress trousers, they should all be on the outside if made of horn or MOP unless they are of the plastic variety in which case, all inside. Last edited: Mar 6, Mar 6, 3. Agreed, 2. As for positioning - obviously the rear pair should be either side of the centre. Mar 6, 4. I use the metal button used in the front of blue jeans, from the Fabric store on all my pants for mine.This is a common occurrence and you can remedy this situation by doing your own sewing.

The first thing to understand is that you must choose the right buttons for this task. There is a difference between four-hole suspender buttons and the typical shirt button. In a nutshell, suspender buttons are wider in width and edges are curved vs. Decide where you want to place your buttons.

suspender button placement

By far, the most popular option is sewing them on the inside of pants. However, some people prefer putting buttons on the outside, and this is fine also. For instance, you may want an outside placement for those rugged work suspenders. You must now figure out how much distance you need between buttons on your pants.

For back buttons, the distance is split. When sewing buttons on the inside of pants, be sure to place them somewhere in the middle of the waistband. Get your best positioning by laying suspenders over your shoulders and looking in the mirror to see how the straps naturally align with your body.

Use measuring tape to determine exact distance and mark your preferred placements with a colored pencil. Double thread a sturdy needle with 25 to 26 inches of thread in a color that complements your pants. Double knot the end. Push the needle up through one buttonhole and down through an opposite hole, either horizontally or vertically. Be mindful to sew only within the inner fabric lining.

Cut the thread and tie off with another double knot. You can choose buttons that can be moved or permanent buttons that get hammered into the waistband. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Share this: Email Print Facebook. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Join Our Email List! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Braces come in various styles, the thickness of the straps vary wildly and while usually elastic you can also buy a pair in a solid fabric such as leather, you can also get your hands on any colour or pattern that takes your fancy.

suspender button placement

Check out eBay or Etsy for a wealth of vintage braces and make sure you scour those thrift shops and charity shops along with car boot sales and vintage fairs and markets. When buying vintage, undo and move the adjustable fixings as these have been known to rust and not fasten fully or leave rust stains on the elastic.

Simply unsightly! Alternatively, check out our guide of the best suspenders brands to buy online! These can be attached to the inside or the outside of the trousers. When waistcoats were an everyday item they were sewn to the outside as they were covered by the said waistcoat.

As waistcoats became unpopular as mentioned above the buttons were moved to the inside. Also if you have some lovely vintage bakelite buttons or some contrasting coloured ones, you may wish to use them to make a statement and sew these to the outside.

There are 2 main shapes, the X shape which has 2 fastenings at the front and 2 fastenings at the back which should be attached at equal distances to ensure an even pull and the Y shape. If you can reach both, great! My advice would always be to pop them on and take a butchers look for the non-British in a mirror.

The braces should come up the center of your back, pass comfortably over your shoulders and sit in a straight line down your front until they meet the waistband of your chosen trousers.

When buying vintage braces make sure that they are long enough for you! If you are a shorter chap, this may not be a problem for you, but the heightier among us, may struggle as attaching a shorter pair of braces to a trouser with a lower rise may result in the dreaded wedgie, front and back! And nobody wants to see that! So, when buying vintage braces either try them on for size or if buying online ask the seller to measure the fully extended length not the stretched length, the length when the clasps are open and they are fully extended.

This method will only work on a fully finished waistband, i. If your trousers have a waistband that is simply sewn on and folded to the inside but left loose, this will not work as the braces when attached will simply pull the folded in waistband up and out for all to see.

What would Aunt Maud say!? If your trousers have a waistband like this I would recommend that you either sew the buttons to the inside with a thread the exact colour of your chosen trousers, which will give you a more formal look. Alternatively, you can have 6 small patches of sewing viewable on the outside, or sew them to the outside, again, sewing all the way through the waistband for security.

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Fully fixed waistbands are made up of 2 or 3 layers of fabric: the outer fabric, a lining or stiffener and an inner fabric.Last Updated: February 1, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 16 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 23, times.

Learn more Suspenders that connect to your pants with buttons are fashionable and functional. Most pants do not come with suspender buttons already sewn in. However, you can sew suspender buttons into your pants with a needle and thread. Add some suspender buttons to your pants and start getting more use out of your suspenders! We've been helping billions of people around the world continue to learn, adapt, grow, and thrive for over a decade.

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Part 1 of Check the type of suspenders. Some suspenders have 2 connecting straps with buttonholes in the back and 2 straps with a buttonhole 1 per strap in front. However, some suspenders are more elaborate than this and the back connects with 4 buttons while each of the front straps connects with 2 buttons.

Check your suspenders to see how many buttons you will need to sew onto your pants to connect the suspenders. Measure 1 inch 2. The back strap of your suspenders will need to connect with buttons near the center of the back of the pants. Find the center seam and measure 1 inch 2.

Suspender button placement

Mark the point with a piece of chalk. Measure and mark the other side as well. Placing the buttons on the inside is usually better for a formal look, such as a pair of dress pants.

suspender button placement

Placing the buttons on the outside is more informal, such as for a pair of blue jeans. Mark the placement of the front buttons. Place the buttons that attach to the suspenders in the front of your pants so they are centered on each side of the front of your pants.

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suspender button placement

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